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Announcement of Winners of the First "Cheung On Tak International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Medicine"
"PIC/S GMP Seminar" on 3-4 December 2009 organised by Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited (HKIB) and Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Manufactory Association Limited (HKPMA)
USP Verified
TCM Articles in SCMP
TCM Articles in SCMP

TCM Articles in SCMP
TCM Articles in SCMP
TCM Articles in SCMP
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ICMCM Conference - "Milestone of Chinese Medicine Development"
Meeting Room N201A, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Review of A Forum on Chinese Medicine R&D in Hong Kong: Current Landscape and Future Development
ICMCM Conference - "The Integration of Scientific Research and Development in Novel Chinese Medicines" on 13-14/8/2009 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Is There a Bright Future for Hong Kong's Chinese Medicine R&D?
ICMCM 2009 - 13-17 Aug 2009 Exhibition Application Forms
ICMCM 2008 - 14-18 Aug 2008 Exhibition Application Forms
Business Matching - a new services prodvided by MCMIA in ICMCM 2007 to assist members for overseas trading in Chinese medicine and health products
Chinese medicine and Health Prodcuts market meeting - New Opportunities in Marketing, 25th April 2007
USP Verification Program for TCM and Healthfoods: A Path to Export to the USA
A Special Seminar by Dr. V Srini Srinivasan, Vice President, U.S. Pharmacopoeia


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